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JRHMSF receives many questions about the various scholarships that we offer. We hope we have covered the answers to your questions below. If we have not, you can contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Q1. How much are JRHMSF awards?

A. JRHMSF scholarship award amounts range depending on chosen scholarship opportunity. Academic Scholarship awards either a $10,000 award split up over four years at $1,250.00 per semester, or a one-time $1,000.00 award; whereas, Training and Vocational Scholarship awards up to $2,000.00, depending on financial need. See scholarship amount details in the applications.

Q2. Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

A. No, JRHMSF’s scholarship applications allow students to apply to one scholarship based on chosen scholarship type. See eligibility details in the applications.

Q3. Does JRHMSF offer scholarships for K-12?

A. No. JRHMSF scholarships are awarded to high school seniors planning to enroll in a four-year college after graduation, community college transfers and students who plan to attend trade or vocational schools.

Q4. Are scholarships renewable?

A. Depending on the scholarship opportunity, the majority of JRHMSF scholarships are single-year awards. However, the winners of the $10,000 award of the Academic Scholarship will have their scholarship renewed each year up to four years at $1,250.00 per semester.


Q1. Do I need to be the son, daughter, or financial dependent (this does not include spouses) of a Teamster member? (Includes members of the BLET, BMWED and TCRC)

A. Yes. To qualify for our scholarships, applicants must be the son, daughter or financial dependent (this does not include spouses) of a Teamster member (also referred to as “Teamster Member Relation”) who qualifies (or in the case of retirees, has qualified)* as a member in “ good standing” in the Teamsters Union as defined in Article X, Section 5 of the International Constitution.  (Includes members of the BLET, BMWED and TCRC)
The children or financial dependents of full-time local union officers or full-time staff of local unions are ineligible.
On the application system, if your Teamster Relation is a member of the Teamsters - chose "IBT".

Q2. I completed and passed a General Education Development (GED) test. Am I eligible for JRHMSF scholarships?

A. Yes. Students with a GED are eligible for JRHMSF scholarships. However, you must attend a four-year college for the Academic Scholarship, or a community college, training/vocational school for the Training and Vocational Scholarship.

Q3. I am a high school student. When can I apply?

A. High school seniors can begin to apply for JRHMSF scholarships. The on-line application system will be available by early December.

Q4. Do you offer scholarships for prospective Community College Students?

A. Yes. JRHMSF has a scholarship program specifically for community college students. This is our Training/Vocational program. Students can only receive JRHMSF funds if they are attending training or vocational non-baccalaureate programs (Associates programs typically). 

Q5. I am a home-schooled student. Am I eligible to apply?

A. Yes. As long as your home school program will issue you an official high school transcript to submit to JRHMSF, you are eligible to apply. Additionally, you may submit a transcript produced by your program or the person in charge of your home schooling, however, the transcript must be signed by credentialed teacher.

Q6. What are training or vocational programs related to work in a Teamster represented industry, class or craft?

A. There are no defined programs; however, to apply for the Training and Vocational Scholarship, the chosen program must be related to work in a Teamster represented industry, class or craft. These industries include: Airline, Bakery & Laundry, Brewery & Soft Drink, Building Material & Construction Trade, Car haul, Dairy, Food Processing, Freight, Health Care, Industrial Trades, Motion Picture & Theatrical Trade, Newspaper, Magazine, Electronic Media, Package, Parking, Port, Public Services, Rail (locomotive engineering, maintenance of way), Solid Waste & Recycling, Tank haul, Trade Show & Convention Centers, and Warehouse.

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