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    October 03, 2023
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  • Vocational/Training Program Awards
    Posted On: Aug 220, 2022
    2022 Vocational/Training Awards
    REGION First Name Last Name Local Union Number
    Canada Daniel Andrle Local 647
    Canada Warner Zapisocki Local 395
    Central Foster Achenbach BMWED
    Central McCord  Deken Local 245
    Central Elizabeth Groth Local 700
    Central Allie Hechtle Local 2727
    Central Ashlee Jimenez BMWED
    Central Elijah Lehrman Local 710
    Central Austin Lennert GCC
    Central Nicholas McCally Local 41
    Central Adysson Scott Local 710
    Central Braydon Swiney Local 651
    Central Nickolas Tilsworth BLET
    Eastern Emma Allenson BLET
    Eastern Jocelyn Bajema Local 406
    Eastern Connor Danz Local 294
    Eastern Ryan Eads BLET
    Eastern Christian Guzman Local 237
    Eastern Thomas Hawkins Local 326
    Eastern Haley Himes Local 992
    Eastern Tyler Kerr Local 171
    Eastern Brandon  Mahoney Local 175
    Eastern Breanna Mahoney  Local 175
    Eastern Madison Moore Local 1150
    Eastern Alexis Shorb Local 776
    Eastern Alec Silluzio Local 264
    Eastern Alexis Vazquez Local 170
    Southern Kaitlynn  Ball BMWED
    Southern Colt Brady Local 728
    Southern Emily Ochoa Local 657
    Southern Kendall Odom Local 480
    Southern Lane Odom Local 480
    Southern Leah Sorenson Local 238
    Western Taylor Ayala Local 222
    Western Luzelena  Barboza Local 1932
    Western Bethany Marinau Local 1932
    Western Lorena Munoz Local 70
    Western Andrew Ponciano Local 137
    Western Calista Sanchez Local 911
    Western Marli Timothy GCC
    Western Collin Wong Local 986